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Newborn Mother

A recently born mother whose strength is asking for support. She acknowledges that the birth of a mother is even more intense than childbirth, and that she is as sensitive and vulnerable as her baby. Her heart is wide open and her needs are high. As she nourishes herself, she nourishes her children.

At the FREE workshop for couples you'll:
-Find out the two reasons why new mothers feel exhausted and overwhelmed...and what to do about it.
-Learn simple, practical ways to get the support, confidence, health and love that all new mums need.
-Discover how to get the hormone you need to relax and enjoy the biggest change in your life.
-Be inspired by nourishing traditions from around the world.

From time to time Newborn Mothers offers paid workshops, retreats and special events which are also listed on this page. Most of these are free for members of my one year group program, the Newborn Mothers Sanctuary. If you would like to join the Sanctuary please visit for more details. If you are not in the Sanctuary you may book into these workshops on this event booking page by clicking on the event you are interested in.

Up & Coming Events

There are no events available at the moment. Check back soon.