Footscray Cycling Club

Footscray Cycling Club Roster Nominations

This page provides a list of all of our 2015 Road Season events for which roster nominations are required.

Be aware that by nominating to roster at an event that you are acknowledging that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement for your roster duty should you not be able to fulfil that duty yourself.


We’ve noticed over the past few years that there tends to be a heavy concentration of volunteers early on in the season. Then, in the middle and end parts of the season, it becomes a real struggle to fill spots.

Furthermore, racing our crits at Drake, has further stretched our resources. This year, we’re going to try something different, as follows:

1. Each member will need to nominate for 2 Road season duties and 1 Crit season duty. Note, however, that the Crit fixture/roster will not be published until a month before the start of the Crit season.

2. There will now be two types of ticket for each race. One will be a first aid officer and the other will be for regular marshals. If you don’t have current first aid qualifications, please do not nominate using the first aid ticket.

If you do have current first aid qualifications but the ticket for a race that you want is already taken, you can still nominate as a regular marshal for that race.

3. If you nominate for the Midlands, that counts as two roster duties. No other Road nomination is required.

You adherence to the above rules will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to making the upcoming Road season a successful one.

Up & Coming Events

R43: Sat 25-APR-20 Bob Robson Memorial (Williamstown)

Event opens
Sat, 25 Apr 2020 8:00am
Registrations close
Sat, 25 Apr 2020 8:00am
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